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Open Doors is an international ministry which along with its partners seeks to serve persecuted Christians and churches worldwide. Started with bold beginnings by Brother Andrew in 1955-56 with many trips to the former Soviet Union to deliver Bibles to persecuted Christians it has become an organisation that not only provides Bibles but also provides leadership training, literacy programmes, livelihood support and advocacy services.

Open Doors produce a monthly pray diary, bi-monthly magazine and a ‘World Watch’ list (see below) which is a global guide to persecution showing where faith in Jesus costs the most.

Open Doors is a Registered Charity which also seeks to mobilise the church in the UK and Ireland to serve Christians living under religious intolerance and persecution.

Open Doors has estimated that over 200 million Christians around the world are persecuted because of their faith in Jesus. They are beaten, killed, forcibly detained, their churches and homes bombed and burned, their children abducted. They are oppressed, marginalised, denied education or job opportunities, labouring under the burden of relentless surveillance, unjust laws and endless discrimination.

The ‘World Watch’ list has been produced by Open Doors for some 25 years and ranks the top 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution, countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian. It is compiled by a group of experts and audited by an outside organisation specialising in religious freedom and is the most authoritative list of its kind available today. Open Doors has been on the ground with persecuted Christians around the world for over 60 years now. Its underground networks are equipping them and sharing their lives. During the month of January, a copy of last year’s list and map will be displayed on the St John’s Church mission notice board.

“I thought we were alone and forgotten…….”.

Please pray for Open Doors and for persecuted Christians around the world. Romans 15:30 says, “….. join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.”


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